Straight lines as output of flow accumulation in ArcMap 10.5

by Caschmi   Last Updated April 16, 2018 12:22 PM - source

I'm quite new to ArcMap and I have a question regarding the flow accumulation tool. What I did so far:

  1. converted TIN into raster (sample_distance/sampling_method distance: CELLSIZE 1 m)
  2. calculated flow direction
  3. filled sinks
  4. calculated flow accumulation
  5. calculated two new rasters with a threshold of 100 and 500 cells, respectively
  6. converted each stream raster into a polyline feature.

What bothers/surprises me is that many of these polylines are unnaturally straight. I expected a much more irregular pattern. I have actually been in the field and seen the area. There are no artificial channels that could explain why the lines are so straight. Is there any mistake in my calculation process? Any step I missed? Have you ever had a similar output when using the flow accumulation tool? Or would you say that the result makes sense?

Thanks for your help and feedback!

enter image description here

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