STM32F411VE Custom bootloader USB de-Init issue causing Jump to app fail

by gdivella   Last Updated July 12, 2019 12:25 PM - source

I'm developing a custom a bootloader on STM32F411VE MCU which must download a .bin file from USB key and flash it into the application sectors of flash memory. Following the examples provided with cube libraries i managed to open correctly the file with the FAT FS system, but I'm having hard times understanding how to exit from the bootloader and jump to my app.

These are the scenarios: 1) Power on the board with no USB Key inserted; the code has no usb stop/deinit/disconnect call -->boot ends its function and jumps correctly to the application. If I plug the USB key during application-life the system reboots. Note that in my application I have no USB driver running 2) Power on with USB key inserted; the code has no usb stop/deinit/disconnect call --> boot fails when setting the MSP of the application:


3) Power on with no USB Key inserted and USBH_Stop call before jumping to app --> boot fails when setting the MSP of the application

This is my Jump to app implementation. It worked optimally before inserting the USB Host driver

static void JumpToApplication(void)
 void (*pmain_app)(void);
 /* First, disable all IRQs */


pmain_app = (void (*)(void))*(APPLICATION_START_ADDRESS + 1);


Thanks a lot for supporting me

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