Steam starts downloading updates while in-game and ignores throttling limit

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I play CS:GO fairly often and that game really requires you to pretty much have a 60 or below ping to be playable. Now, my internet isn't great, but I can usually get that - 30s to 60ish ping range.

However, recently Steam has decided that it is going to ignore my setting for no updates while in-game and my throttling limit that I set!

I'll be paying, and all of a sudden my ping will shoot above 120, making play all but impossible.

The really weird thing is that the games in the queue the "require updating" are seemingly not downloading:

enter image description here

and my Settings > Downloads:

enter image description here

Right now the only way I can stop it from doing this is by quiting out of Steam entirely - something that's very bad for competitive CS:GO. And then it will just start doing it again a bit later.

Is this a known Steam bug or do I have something new? Or, preferably, how do I fix this?

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Answers 1

You can disable the download inside steam while your playing. This can be activated in your options. I would suggest to enable this option always. You'll forget it otherwise on MP games. ;-)

June 16, 2015 13:09 PM

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