SSL and www - handling redirect from https://mysite to https://www.mysite

by Oliver Williams   Last Updated July 12, 2019 12:00 PM - source

So this is obviously a 2x2 matrix - www and non-www, against SSL and non-SSL.

I want all traffic to be directed to SSL and www.

Getting and over to is simple; I just add this line in the <VirtualHost *.80> container:

Redirect /

And it works. The problem is getting over to I don't have a digital certificate for - the cert is written for!

I'm thinking anything I put inside the <VirtualHost *.443> wrapper (Rewrite Rules etc.) won't help because the cert validity is checked first. I'm wanting the redirect to happen BEFORE I get the scary-looking message below. How would I do this?

standard Chrome message for irregular cert

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