SSIS Package Not Being Deployed

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I have an issue with an SSIS package, that when deployed via VS2017 to the integration services catalog is not actually being deployed. This is an individual package deployment, and not a project deployment. There are no error messages, and the deployment appears to go through fine. Checking the initial packages and projects tables indicates that although the deployment has happened (project timestamp gets updated), the latest version of the package code has not really been deployed as the version number on the packages table does not match the latest version from within Visual Studio.

In fact, the issue is exactly as described in this previous post by another member, only there was no update on the resolution on that post. I'm hoping that someone else may have come across this situation.

Why is my SSIS package not getting updated?

Some additional information that may assist:

Right click, Project deployment - this works (we've tried this with another project, although for the project we're really interested in we cannot do that as not all the packages are ready for deployment at a project level).

Right click, Package deployment - this doesn't work (deployment is reported as a success, but evidently the package has not been deployed).

Calling the ISDeploymentWizard from the command line for the package in question doesn't work either. Again, no errors reported, but nothing deployed.

When using the wizard via Visual Studio, the XML you can save post-deployment reports 'success' at all stages.

Thank you.

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Package deployment model has nothing to do with SSISDB. Instead when Package deployment model deploys to SQL Server it ends up in the msdb database in the sysssispackages table. Follow these instructions to view deployed packages. Or you can query that table.

February 19, 2020 07:14 AM

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