Sprinkler line through concrete for small addition

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I'm in the process of getting an attached shed built in my house (due to HOA restrictions). They seem to be very competent. The contractor is subcontracting the concrete foundation pouring.

They have just dug the footing, pre-pour. I have noticed that a water line for the sprinkler system is going to go right through two sides of it and skim the front wall. I have asked about it and they said it should be fine running through the foundation.

I'm not terribly worried about the foundation itself from this. But it seems like it might be a concern from a servicing perspective, not moving the line. They will be redirecting the sump line though.

Does this sound right to you guys? Just want to double check.

Here is what it currently looks like: enter image description here

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Is it the green pipe in that photo? If so, that pipe is not deep enough in my opinion anyway. I would have that entire sprinkler pipe re-done to a proper depth, so whether or not you leave it there to be encased in the concrete becomes irrelevant.

J. Raefield
J. Raefield
June 12, 2019 01:19 AM

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