Spawning multiple instances of applications via shortcuts

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So I'm using BetterTouchTool to set up shortcuts, and I have a bunch that are dedicated to opening various apps. The problem is, if one of those apps are already open, then hitting the shortcut pulls that instance into focus, rather than spawning a new one.

This is especially annoying since I use multiple desktops heavily-- If I'm on desktop 6 and want to spawn a terminal window, but one is already open on desktop 1, then it moves me back to desktop 1 rather than creating a new terminal instance. I'm used to working on Ubuntu, where I have many terminals open across my virtual desktop.

I do realize that questions to this effect have been asked before, but I'm looking for a general solution that could apply to, say, Chrome, just as well as Terminal. On second thought, I don't need a truly general solution; I only need this to work for Terminal and Chrome.

I'll stress that this question is asking how to achieve this with keyboard shortcuts, rather than solutions that involve any mouse actions on the Dock.

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you can open a file from the terminal by using the open command. For example to open the Atom editor you could type open -a /Applications/ To open another instance of the app, use the -n option with open. For example, to open another instance of Atom type: open -n -a /Applications/

I suppose a script could be written to execute this and then a keyboard shortcut for the script could be set.

October 09, 2019 23:00 PM

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