Slight change in what I am drawing using tikz and node

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Hi All: I am using tikz (I'm a total newbie ) and was drawing this and it worked.

% labels

\foreach \y/\m/\mm in {2.5/00/05}
    \draw (-2, \y) node{11:\m\,-\,11:\mm};

But now I just want to change it slightly so that it's a subscript in math mode.


\foreach \y/\m/\mm in {2.5/00/05}
    \draw (-2, \y) node{DERZZZ$_{(11:\m\,-\,11:\mm)$};        

That gives the following:


Runaway argument? \draw (-2, \y ) node{DERZZZ$_{(11:\m ,-,11:\mm )$}; ! Paragraph ended before \[email protected] was complete. \par l.35


Maybe I'm not supposed to use node when doing this ? In fact, it's never clear to me when to use node and when to just use latex ? Thanks a lot.

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