Site migration: redirecting no longer existing product to similar product or product category

by Matteo Boscolo   Last Updated September 05, 2019 17:04 PM - source

I'm managing the migration of a site. I have several products that will no longer exist on the new site.


old site:

  • /flip-flops/
  • /flip-flops/blue-flip-flops/
  • /flip-flops/red-flip-flops/
  • /flip-flops/green-flip-flops/

new site:

  • /flip-flops/
  • /flip-flops/blue-flip-flops/

From a SEO perspective: is it correct to redirect the red and green flip flops to the blue flip flops or flip flops category? Or is it more correct to return a 404 instead?

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