Show items not linked by a view relationship

by James Naish   Last Updated January 19, 2018 19:07 PM

I have two content types: Item and Order.

There is a link from Order -> Item through field_items.

I have a view showing content of type Item and any related order data in a table. I have set up a non-required relationship to Content using field_items to reference the Items.

I have a filter on the view to ensure that the content type on this relationship = Order. This is because I have another content type which is not shown on this view that uses field_items.

The view functions largely as required. However, it only shows Items that are linked to an order via field_items whereas I would also like it to show items for which this link doesn't yet exist.

I have tried adding a second condition for content type on the relationship is EMPTY and putting the two filters into a filter group with the OR operator. However, when I do this, nothing shows up in the view.

How do I get the view to show all Items (linked or not) with linked Order data where this exists?

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