Should be billing history separate from user history?

by Daniel Vianna   Last Updated April 24, 2018 23:16 PM

I am building an application that manages user licenses and accounts for a desktop 3D CAD application, similar to Adobe ID. One caveat is that the application does not only manages cloud licenses but also manages physical licenses (USB security dongle). I don't have user research in terms of needs and goals related to history and logs, only research on the most important points of the application, so I need to use heuristics. My opinion is that most users won't access this information often.

Currently, I have two widgets: -Dongle history (it's a log that collects information from a physical dongle that holds a license) An administrator within a team can assign a dongle from someone to someone else, so that person can generate a code on a website to be pasted on the software UI which will check with the security dongle if that code is valid.

enter image description here

The general screen shows a summary of the dongle history, such as authorization codes (to unlock the software) and when the dongle was passed to another person. Note: the software is not connected to any web service so everything is done manually via the website.

When the user clicks on the "view all button" it displays a more detailed history:

enter image description here

However, I need to display account history as an admin (user added, user removed, the user changed password) and also billing and dongle device purchase information.

I'm not sure whether or not I should combine billing invoice history, dongle purchase history and account history all in one data table. Note the screenshot below doesn't have the data from user account such as user added, password renewed, user removed, permission changed.

enter image description here

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