SEO for woocommerce – I redirect the woocommerce product pages to "normal" WP pages : noindex?

by mika2019   Last Updated June 26, 2019 12:04 PM - source

Here is what I did manually to improve seo:

noindex for

  • cart
  • checkout
  • myaccount

I guess it's better/clear if these pages don't show up in the xml sitemap as well. Right?

My question is:

1) I redirect the woocommerce product pages to "normal" WordPress pages that show individual product layouts. It was not possible to do this with the woocommerce product pages... but woocommerce products are set up of course...

How do I handle the following single post type called:

products [product]

I can set a noindex but I'm not sure if I should do this? My goal is to exclude the woocommerce product pages that are blank and redirected to normal WordPress pages with product description in it. I want the products to show up of course.

Is there anything that I can do to improve woocommerce seo overall? I read something about OG:price and Woocommerce meta generator...

How do I

2) "add OG:price meta for product" -- does anyone know what this does and if it's necessary to use this for better seo

3) remove woocommerce generator tab in your head -- the same here: I don't know exactly what this means... would you suggest doing this for better seo?

Do you know an article or link that tackles this? other things I can do specifically for better woocommerce seo?

Help is very much appreciated. Cheers

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