Second hand Canon 80D or newer 250D

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I'm looking at getting a pretty good nick second hand 80D for £500 (body only). This is a good discount compared to a brand new 80D, but I'm wondering how it compare to a 250D. I can get this new for basically the same price (with a Canon EF-s 18-55mm f/4-5.6 IS STM Lens included).

Main disadvantages I see of the 250D: slightly smaller sensor [332mm^2 vs 338mm^2], lower max shutter continuous shooting (5 vs 7 p/sec).

This will be my first DSLR. I'm thinking that while the 250D was released into a lower price category, making it appear a cheaper / lower quality camera, the time between the releases (3 years) means the 250D is basically as good as the 80D but in this case brand new, plus it can handle 4K video and is much lighter. (main two advantages I see it having).

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