Sealed package submerged in water in the fridge, good or bad?

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So in my fridge I had a sealed package of bacon and hotdogs in the bottom drawer of the fridge. And the water of the fridge somehow got in there. The package of goods where partially submerged in this water (1 inch of water). The reason why i may think they could be bad is because something in water may not get as cold as if it wasn't hence going bad. or is it safe to consume?

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I know the mantra here is "when in doubt, throw it out", and we know you are in doubt, otherwise you wouldn't be asking the question...but, nevertheless:

The speculation, "something in water may not get as cold as if it wasn't" isn't true. Something in cold water will come to the same temperature as the water, just like it does in cold air, and probably faster than in air.

I don't quite get how that water got into the bottom drawer of your fridge, but if the water was at refrigerator temperature when it came into contact with the bacon and hot dog packages, and if they truly are sealed so that the meat isn't touching the water directly, then they shouldn't be harmed by having the outside of their packaging touched by cold water.

Lorel C.
Lorel C.
May 26, 2017 23:06 PM

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