Safety: Keeping cooked sous-vide chicken in vacuum

by Adam Matan   Last Updated July 09, 2019 18:17 PM - source

My Problem

I have sous-vide cooked some chicken breast, forgot about it, and kept it in the refrigerator for 2 weeks. The chicken breast was thoroughly cooked (63c for 1 hour) and kept in good vacuum.

I have re-cooked it in the sous vide at 63c for and additional 1.5 hour, and finished by frying it in the pan. I am not sure whether it is safe to eat or not.

What Have I Tried

My Question

For how long can I safely keep cooked, vacuumed and refrigerated chicken breast?


Refrigerated and vacuumed

refrigerated cooked chicken breast

Recooked and fried

enter image description here

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