Running Nameserver behind NAT

by mindflame   Last Updated June 18, 2017 08:00 AM

Thank you supporting me for all the questions raised here. I have another question, which might be stupid. I am having a internet connection with a static ip from my ISP. I do have mail servers and webservers hosted from it. What i would like to achieve is run couple of nameservers by getting another static ip from my ISP.

I tried to setup a nameserver by NAT-ing and forwarding PORT 53 for udp & tcp traffic. But still when i try to query a record for a zone on my nameserver using dig externally or internally , i get an error "no servers could be reached". Is there any guide or information that would help me to setup the nameservers behind NAT or help me solve this issue?

My ISP has confirmed that they do not have blocks or filters in place. I have also confirmed that no ports are being blocked or filtered from my end too. The name of the nameserver is

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