Ring™ and Swann™ floodlight cameras

by Retired Electrician   Last Updated August 14, 2019 05:21 AM - source

I'm thinking about buying either above brand for my home...

But I want to modify... I want to know if anyone knows if these camera / sensor outputs can energize a relay.

I am planning on turning on different / multiple lights via the camera sensor via relay.

I understand that depends upon how the camera sensor circuits are designed, just wanted to know if anyone has tried this... I don't want to buy and experiment unless I have to... Trying to save time / steps here.

FYI: Take any Home Depot or Lowe's motion sensor... The only work with lights, not inductive loads ( like a 115v. relay )

Let me know... Called BOTH RING™ & SWANN tech support, and they are NO help.. They are setup techs, not in-depth circuitry techs.

PS, I'm aware of product warranty liability.

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