Rigging Automatic Weight not working right

by Timo Gutsche   Last Updated October 16, 2018 20:15 PM - source

Hello everybody I have sculpted a Frog an already rigged him and posed him into a position, then I dumbly deleted the armeture becuase I thought its done. Now I had to resculpt the left arm and now when I try to apply the rig with automatic weights its not working. Here are some Pictures as example. I also wonder if I cant only rig one arm but why shouldn´t that work ? There are no weights to the bones except one with just a little.I could paint them my self but the mesh is really high resulution so its almost impossible for me. Please help, my scene is actually finished and that was the last detail i wanted to enhance. Thats bothering, are there any settings needs to be done ? Thanks :)

That is the Armature (only for the arm) no weight at the bones The only little weight to one bone No weights

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