Representing App Data Model in UML

by Purple Prince   Last Updated April 16, 2018 12:05 PM - source

I'm trying to map out the data model and communications between the front and backend of an app. This will be given to two system architects for the purpose of designing a backend architecture and porting my work into a cloud architecture. Up until now I've written the app alone and very rapidly so it's not very well-defined in terms of classes, and I'm not very familiar with formal documentation systems like UML.

Here's how it works:

  • The frontend connects to the backend.
  • User input is sent to the backend for processing.
  • The backend returns relevant data points from a number of data sets, based on the operation being performed. The backend has no state.
  • Returned data from the backend is cached and used to construct relevant objects on the frontend (in a directed graph structure). These objects are referenced in a number of systems for various purposes.

I'd like to know what the appropriate way would be of representing the following:

  1. The cached data on the frontend.
  2. The messages and process used to communicate data between the front and backends.
  3. The data used on the backend for processing.
  4. The potential future data on the backend after porting work is completed.

All of these seem like they'd be relevant to the process, but I am unsure of what sort of collection of diagrams would be the best way forward.

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