Repairing water damage to ceiling drywall where ceiling meets wall

by ted1918   Last Updated March 14, 2019 19:21 PM - source

I have a question for how best to repair interior water damage to ceiling drywall along a wide, thin section where the ceiling meets the wall.

We recently experienced slight water damage to our ceiling drywall due to water that entered through gaps that in the exterior roof flashing. Now that the roof flashing has been re-sealed by a professional, I would like to address the drywall water damage in my condo.

The water damage is limited to a 10 ft. x 4 in. section of the ceiling where the ceiling meets a wall in the bedroom - very long and skinny. I am thinking about two options:

1) Scrape off damaged sections and then spackle, sand, prime, and paint


2) Cut out the damaged section (perhaps 10 ft by 6 in) and then look to replace with new drywall. Given the section is a) long and skinny and b) adjoining a wall, I am curious if there are any other considerations that I should be thinking about.

As you can (barely) see in the photo, a small crack has developed due to the water damage, so I'm not sure whether option 1 is realistic.enter image description here

Thank you for the help

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