removing file from ipod that's not in itunes

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I have a .mp3 that I put on my iPod nano and changed the media type to podcast, but when I did that it stopped showing up in iTunes. It's still showing up on my iPod, however, and I can't delete it. I don't want to restore my iPod or lose my playlists, so I'm trying to remove it from the iPod manually. Does anybody have a trick for this? I've gotten close, but it keeps reappearing:

I manually removed the .mp3 and fiddled with Library.itdb to remove the entries from the items and artist tables, and when I disconnect the iPod that file no longer shows up. The next time I sync with iTunes, though, it comes back. Obviously iTunes is keeping it somewhere and overwriting Library.itdb on the iPod, but I haven't been able to find any mention of the file that I'm trying to delete anywhere in ~/Music/iTunes. Any thoughts on where to look, or some other way to force remove this file?

Edit: To be clear, this file was originally put on the iPod via iTunes and then disappeared from iTunes after I changed the media type. I did not drop it on there as a storage device.

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