Remove hacked url from google index not working

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I keep getting hacked url's index by google when i type

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My site was hacked previously (was using wordpress). Now it uses JavaScript (React/Node) and built from scratch and hosted in a new server.

Only link between old site and new one is the domain name.

My site is doing great in bing search probably because bing does not have indexed all these hacked links under my domain name.

New site has been running for more than 4 month now. None of these hacked url take anyone anywhere except 404 page.

And google wont remove it from its indexing? It's shocking.

None of these links takes to actual page. They all take users to 404 page. Recently i realized that some of these hacked page links were already submitted to remove using remove url tool. They are showing removed but keep appearing in google when i type

I have heard that page that does not exist is removed from google index automatically in 3 months but thats not true in my case.

I manually click (sometimes use bulk url removal tool) to collect these url and submit to url removal tool. The next few hours or maximum a day It looks clean showing only the valid url's when i type But then again it starts to appear...

What choice do i have? What's going on and what do i do moving forward?

I have been submitting to remove url for months now. In the new search console it shows that i have removed nearly a million links already..

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Why such invalid links are indexed and why they keep re-appearing? Please share your thoughts, experience and possible solutions. Thanks!

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