Remote Desktop 10.2.3 Database Creation Error; 10.2.1 runs fine; 10.2.2 crashes: how to find actual cause(s)?

by Jeroen Wiert Pluimers   Last Updated January 11, 2019 12:12 PM - source

What would be good steps to find the cause of the below errors?

I get this error when running Microsoft Remote Desktop 10.2.3 or higher on MacOS High Sierra: enter image description here

Database Creation Error

"An error occurred during persistent store migration.

[Domain: NSCocoaErrorDomain, Code: 134110]"

I am stuck at 10.2.1 now (which cannot add user accounts and will eventually stop working), want to use the newer version, but cannot use intermediate 10.2.2 as it crashes with the below information that I repeatedly submitted with the "Problem Report for Microsoft Desktop".

Manually migrating all the machine and user entries is really cumbersome: there are hundreds of them.

Information that might help:

  • where is the information on entries and users stored?
  • what format is that information stored?
  • are the tools for converting that information between various versions?
  • where are crash reports stored?

Crash report on 10.2.1:

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