Release a plugin with composer installed packages

by Developer   Last Updated October 09, 2019 15:08 PM - source

Here I'm looking for an answer about releasing a plugin version with 3rd party packages installed by composer. In my custom plugin I installed Sentry with composer and checked the error logs in my Sentry account. It's working. Everything looks fine. But my biggest concern is that it installed a lot of packages in the vendor folder while I try to install Sentry and Sentry sdk with composer. What will happen if I want to do a version release of my plugin with all this files and folders? Would that create any problem or how should I do a version release now? I also checked the woocommerce plugin. It seems they are also using composer. By the way, I'm new with composer and before Sentry integration I didn't use composer for my plugin at all and my plugin already live.

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