Recommended macbook pro model for IOS development

by mtg   Last Updated May 16, 2018 13:12 PM

I am new to IOS and currently start ios development and buy a macbook pro Mid 2012 for Xcode IDE etc.Below is my macbook pro specification by finding out it from about this mac option in my macbook pro.

  1. macOS Sierra (Version 10.12.3)
  2. Macbook pro (13-inch Mid 2012)
  3. Processor 2.5 GHz intel core i5
  4. Memory 4 GB 1600MHz DDR3
  5. Graphics Intel HD Graphics 4000 1536MB

I searched out a lot but i am unable to summarize everything that to know which is the minimum and recommended requirements for ios development. i could not answer my own questions that with this macbook could i be able to installed the lastest Xcode and developed for the latest iphone devices. Any help would be appreciated.

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