Recommendations: FREE plugin for Custom Post Types (CPT) at Network level compatible with Wordpress MU (Multisites) or a good tutorial to create this?

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first up I am a first time poster but long time 'watcher' and second I am super new to building Wordpress MU (Multisites) and it has given me a massive headache! Here is my dilemma...

I am building a site for a client with;

  • 1x 'main level site' ie.
  • 4x 'child sites' for each of the company's regional offices ie. , , etc.

They want to be able to update everything once from one location but share them across all the sites - ie. Theme, settings, custom post types (ie Services, Products, Portfolio, etc), etc.

I believe I have been tackling it the wrong way completely. I have set up unique pages for each region and used Conditional Menus plugin to tell each site what menu to display on each page. This is all fine, until the user clicks on a specific 'service' (etc.) to view - the URL changes to instead of say Then clicks a link in the main menu and ends up back on the 'main site' or worse on a different region's site.

It is a whole mess!

So yesterday after some Googling I found out Wordpress has the built in (I assume that is right ?) Multisites feature - until then I had never heard of it (face palm) - I thought I would try it out as this makes more sense structurally.

Now I realise that the CPT UI plugin I was using isn't compatible with Multisites and I need to upgrade it to the premium version 'Custom Post Type UI Extended' by Pluginize. However I don't love that it isn't a one off payment for my client, but 6 monthly plans - I don't think they will be very keen on this.

Anyway, does anyone have any recommendations for FREE plugin for CPT at Network level compatible with Multisites? or a link to tutorial on how to build this myself? Or am I just going about this completely the wrong way and you have a better suggestion?

Any help would be really appreciated! Thanks.

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