Real value of ads app conversion rates [Google, Facebook]

by Áxel Costas Pena   Last Updated January 19, 2018 13:03 PM - source

We are facing a doubt when reading the technical details of the products and steps needed for publicicing our app and then measuring the app conversion rate as an effect of the paid campaigns.

We are planning to use Google Adwords and Facebook Ads, and both claim to offer mechanisms for collecting download metrics and the ability to record a wide range of events inside the app so you can get the user conversion rate datum.

Our doubt is: what happens inside the barrier between the click on the add and the first app start? Are Google and Facebook able to assure you that a single click on the add lead to a real app install and then link it to the next app_first_start event? Or does that happen when the user register using its email if you record that event accordingly? If we create two simultaneous campaigns - Adwords + Facebook - will we be able to know how to associate our increasing app events to one campaign or the other? And... have Google more power of doing that when the add takes the user to the Play Store then the user installs the app and opens it, vs all the other scenarios - Google Ad + Apple Store, Facebook Ad + any store?

Thank you in advance for any useful information.

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