Read some specific lines from a big file in python

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I want to read some specific lines from a large text file where line numbers are in a list, for example: list_Of_line =[3991, 3992, ...]. I want to check whether there is the string "this city" in line number 3991, 3992,... or not. I want to directly access those lines. How can I do it in python?

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There is no way to "directly access" a specific number of line of a file outright, since lines can start at any position and can be of any lengths. The only way to know where each line is in a file is therefore by reading every character of the file to locate each newline character.

Understanding that, you can iterate through a given file object to build a list of file positions of the end of each line by calling the tell method of the file object, so that you can then "directly access" any line number you want with the seek method of the file object to read the specific line:

list_of_lines = [3991, 3992]
with open('file.txt') as file:
    positions = [0, *(file.tell() for line in file)]
    for line_number in list_of_lines:[line_number - 1])
        if 'this city' in next(file):
            print(f"'this city' found in line #{line_number}")
October 20, 2019 05:42 AM

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