RDFa ; NewsArticle , invalid Value for logo

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sorry about my English , my knowledge about schema is very small .. I to try this Code on Google Structured Data Testing Tool

<main vocab="http://schema.org"> 
<article typeof="NewsArticle">
  <h2 property="headline">Wie instaliert Virtual Box in Windows 10</h2>
  <span property="name" value="Virtual Box"/>
  <span property="mainEntityOfPage" value="http://google.de"/>
  <span property="datePublished" value="2019-03-07"/>
  <span property="dateModified" value="2019-03-17"/>
  <span property="publisher" typeof="Organization">

      <span property="logo" value="https://schema.org/"></span>
      <img src="http://htmlkurss.xyz/index.php/Bilder/Virtualbox.png" alt="Logo"/>


  <p property="text">Virtual Box ist eine Virtualisierungssoftware, die viele Betriebessysteme ,... 
  <p property="author" typeof="Person">Autor: <span property="name">ich</span></p>

  <p>Korrekturen: <span property="editor">me</span></p>

and Google structured data tell me that 'logo.itemtype has an invalid value' .

Can Please anyone help me for this Problem , Very Thanks !

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