Question [URGENT] Please help me design an amplifier with the given specifications

by B K Karthik   Last Updated October 09, 2019 14:25 PM - source

thanks for taking time to look at this question, I need some help with designing an amplifier circuit, it has to be a single stage amplifier, using MOSFETs (Enhancement type)

Gain = -5 Power consumer <= 1mW f-3db = 100 MHz Load capacitor (CL) = 1pF (± 20%) Output swing >= 400 mV

I also need help in calculating the maximum input swing, which can be tolerated by the circuit without getting into linear distortion. Thanks in advance :)

I have no idea what f-3db = 100MHz means, and what type of single stage amplifier (using enhancement type mosfet) that is CS, or CG is to be used.

First of all I have absolutely no idea how to start off with the question, but I took the liberty of assuming a CS amplifier with series RC load will do, I hence assumed Vdd to be 1.8V, Vbias = 1V, Vth= 0.6v, |Z|= 1k ohms, I tried plotting the curve of gm vs id using cadence tool, I did not get the curve as the tool said unbounded values of id, I have attached an image of what I did so far, even though it's negligible(what I have done), please help me solve this question, I have a few more of the same kind, I have to understand how to solve one to follow the procedure and understand in detail how to design similar circuits.

I have done this much so far, I have absolutely no idea how to continue with this questionenter image description here

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