Question about EV compensation with "extreme" settings"

by Benoit Perron   Last Updated July 23, 2018 01:18 AM - source

I have this question that has me itching a part of my brain...

I was at the park with the kids at noon (yeah, I know...) the other day taking pictures. I was using an old Canon XSi with an Helios 44 50mm f/2 lens. I have no ND filters and wanted a wide aperture. It was really brigth, So I set the ISO to 100 (min on the xsi), Exposure at 1/4000 (min on the xsi) and aperture ar around f/2, f/3.

It was still too bright so I set the EV Compensation at -2 (again the min) and notices the image was indeed getting darker.

Now the question: it's a manual lens, do the aperture remained untouched. What did the camera do to receive less light? reduce the iso to a value I cannot set? reduce the shutter to a value I cannot set? or some other kind or trickery?

thank you for your toughts!

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