QGIS crashes when checking geometry validity

by Taras   Last Updated July 12, 2019 07:22 AM - source

For my polygon geometry check, I am using several plugins, namely

  • Geometry Tool > Check Geometries
  • Geometry Validator

Both make the QGIS crashing when I deploy them.

Before I tried the native QGIS Vector > Geometry Tools > Check Validity tool but it does not give me anything vital, although I am adamant that my polygon layer still includes certain topological issues which I have to overcome. I can determine them by using a Virtual Layer and PostGIS function ST_isValid(), i.e.

SELECT ST_isValid(geometry)
FROM "polygon_layer"

These are the reports/logs that QGIS provides me with

  1. Geometry Tool > Check Geometries


  2. Geometry Validator


What could be a problem?

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