QGIS. Calculate length of lines in temporary draft layer

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In QGIS, I need to calculate the distance between certain points and save this information as a line shape file, in which the attribute of each element (line) is its length (distance between points).

For this I have created a temporary draft layer of lines to draw the lines and I have obtained this:

introducir la descripciĆ³n de la imagen aquĆ­

Now, how do I calculate the lengths and save them as an attribute of the elements?

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Answers 1

Open the attribute table of your draft layer of lines and create a new field with the field calculator. Use $length or length ($geometry) to calculate the length of the lines in your layer. Be careful what you measure: "You need to use a Projected Coordinate Reference System with units of meters or feet to perform such calculations"

September 11, 2019 14:53 PM

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