Prove that the CHSH inequality is violated by given quantum states and measurements of A and B

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given A and B share EPR pairs 1/√2 (|00⟩+|11⟩)

Here EPR state is shared by A and B, where A is the 1st-qubit while B is the 2nd-qubit. They are free to measure their own qubit with the following measurement settings

A measures with (|0⟩,|1⟩) or (|+⟩,|−⟩)

B measures with (sin(3π/8)|0⟩+cos(3π/8)|1⟩, -sin(π/8)|0⟩+cos(π/8)|1⟩) or (sin(π/8)|0⟩+cos(π/8)|1⟩,-sin(3π/8)|0⟩+cos(3π/8)|1⟩)




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