Proper way to run Rider without Missing Templates

by Lost_In_Library   Last Updated July 12, 2019 11:02 AM - source

I'm using Ubuntu x64 18.04 and Jetbrains Rider IDE 2019.1.3

If i download rider with snap or download & extract tar.gz file; I can run rider with clicking app icon on Ubuntu's launcher / unity. It opens but rider's project templates(console app, webapi, xunit test app etc) are missing. But if I run rider with sudo like "sudo ./" project templates are showing correctly. So what is the proper way to install and run rider? Is launching rider with sudo a bad thing for security? Do I need to give some kind of chmod or admin rights to All I need is install and run rider with unity click - and it should work without errors like missing project templates or debug dll needs execution rights etc.

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