Problem with gdal algorithm process

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Last week I try unsuccesfully to install the plugin to open ecw files in QGIS 3.2. Since then GDAL algorithms are not working for rasters. I have the exact same error for all of them:

Proces algorithm: Algoritmo 'OrientaciĆ³n' comenzando… Input parameters: { 'BAND' : 1, 'COMPUTE_EDGES' : False, 'INPUT' : '/home/basi/Escritorio/GEA Forestal/Proyectos/Biomasa/Mapas/MDT/MDT Gu.tiff', 'OPTIONS' : '', 'OUTPUT' : '/tmp/processing_32b112e632e44e699178c61428af21c2/bd7b41926c554ce5811f8c5bc6954822/OUTPUT.tif', 'TRIG_ANGLE' : True, 'ZERO_FLAT' : True, 'ZEVENBERGEN' : False } GDAL command: gdaldem aspect "/home/basi/Escritorio/GEA Forestal/Proyectos/Biomasa/Mapas/MDT/MDT Gu.tiff" /tmp/processing_32b112e632e44e699178c61428af21c2/bd7b41926c554ce5811f8c5bc6954822/OUTPUT.tif -of GTiff -b 1 -trigonometric -zero_for_flat GDAL command output: gdaldem: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory Execution completed in 0.05 seconds Results: {'OUTPUT': } Charging result layers Next layers were not generated correctly.

  • /tmp/processing_32b112e632e44e699178c61428af21c2/bd7b41926c554ce5811f8c5bc6954822/OUTPUT.tif

I tried to reinstall gdal and qgis, but same problem persists. Any idea?

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No. But I remember having issues with reinstallations of QGIS due plugin issues. Make sure you really purge all the related files before installing it again. You might have a .temp folder or a user specific .config file that is still wrongly configured. If you still have issues try with a LTR. What OS are you using?

Roberto Mallorca
Roberto Mallorca
September 14, 2018 14:41 PM

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