Problem making shooting follows an actor/object

by Boneco Sinforoso   Last Updated July 12, 2019 01:13 AM - source

At first I created an actor to be a projectile, he acts with a simple projectile. When generated it goes straight, anyway...

To do this, I added the Projectile Movement component.

It turns out that I wish this projectile did not go straight ahead simply, I would like it to be generated when it came to a minion.

Then my problems began, because being simply an actor, it seems that he can not move with the Simple Move to Actor/Location function.

I created 3 sockets:

enter image description here

One for each shot/projectile I was going to test.

Shooter Blueprint:

enter image description here

The Event Atirar causes the 3 shots/projectiles I created to be generated (TiroActor, TiroCharacter and TiroPawn).

TiroActor Blueprint:

enter image description here

TiroCharacter Blueprint:

enter image description here

TiroPawn Blueprint:

enter image description here

I wish that when they were generated, they would go towards the only existing minion in the game, but this does not happen:

enter image description here

The Tiro Actor goes straight, and nothing makes it stop (I activated the "call in editor" option for the Event Andar, but it does not match).

The Tiro Character falls to the ground and does nothing, but corresponds when I call the Event Andar manually:

enter image description here

The Tiro Pawn is not even generated...

I modified the "Auto Posses AI" option of Tiro Character and Tiro Pawn to Placed in World or Spawned.

I removed the gravity of all the components of the Tiro Character, but even so when generated it falls to the ground.

I would like to know how to make an object (be it actor, pawn or character) when it is generated follow the target (in this case a minion) until it collides with it.

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