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Many printing companies have a "Dibond" product.

Some print your photos on paper which is then glued onto the aluminium sheet, and some print directly on the aluminum sheet using UV ink, as far as I know.

I just read on a printing company website the following statement (they print on paper):

Our technique is not to be confused with photo printing on aluminum (to print photo on aluminum is an industrial and not qualitative technology).

In this technique the surface of the Dibond is printed directly by latex printers. This technology prints in CMYK without degraded ink, not allowing to obtain a tonal range sufficient to print the necessary gradations which qualify the photograph. This process is often used for events, advertising, etc. The print resolution is limited, the gamut is reduced and the service life is reduced.

(This is an automatic translation from French but I think it is understandable).

Is this an appropriate statement? Is it outdated? It is plain wrong?

Could anyone shed some light on the differences between the two technologies?

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