print list of citation with "und" in German

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Running the usual pdflatex-bibtex loop on

    author={James Cameron},
    title={The {Terminator}},
    author={James Cameron},
    title={Terminator 2: Judgement Day},
    author={Jonathan Mostow},
    title={Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines},
\usepackage{babelbib} % Multilingual bibliographies
Wir schauten \cite{TheTerminator,TerminatorTwo,TerminatorThree}.
\bibliographystyle{babalpha-fl-gs-sort}%%% Avoid problematic abbreviations such as SS and SA, see Also disabmiguate "Ber89"; see

yields the output

Wir schauten [Cam84, Cam91, Mos03].

followed by the literature list. How can one get

Wir schauten [Cam84, Cam91 und Mos03].

automatically (i.e., not by writing something like \cite{TheTerminator, TerminatorTwo}, and \cite{TerminatorThree}) without changing the workflow, i.e., still using pdflatex, babel, babelbib, bibtex? We are allowed to patch the style file (thx to @moewe!!!) and allowed to write macros.

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