Post-processing suggestions for these photos

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I am an amateur photographer with my first client. As places to photograph go, interiors are one of the most difficult ones, in my opinion. My experience with interior photography is rather limited.

As you can see with the below images, they are rather ugly. This is due to the environment, but also perhaps my camera gear. I used a Canon 10-20mm on a 100D.

What would be the best post-processing adjustments to make to these photos to make them more usable? There is also the option of going back on location to re-take these photos and changing my camera settings. These are just a few photos of the place, but I have many more. Some are more usable than others. The composition could be better, but my task was to photograph the interior.

adjustments on the photo with the washing machines washing machines before/after of the photo with the washing machines ironing machine

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