Port forwarding using upnpc

by Fabiotk   Last Updated April 16, 2018 12:01 PM - source

I want to open a port on my pc to the internet in order to run a server. My router is at and when I connect to it via browser, it shows that its WAN IP is and its gateway Basically, my router (1) is plugged in another router (2) which is one common for the block where I live and connects other apartments, etc. So the question is, how can I open a port to the internet?

I tried running upnpc:

upnpc -a 10000 10000 TCP

and it outputs:

Local LAN ip address :
ExternalIPAddress =
InternalIP:Port =
external TCP is redirected to internal (duration=0)

and I still can't connect to the port 10000 over the internet. How can I forward this port?

Oh, and if you say that it is not possible because of this second router (2), then it raises me another question: then how can my torrent client (deluge) seed content over the internet? if deluge can, so there must be a way to also put another program to deliver content to the internet I guess. Thank you in advance

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