Piracy site -- obtaining video URLs for Google videos (in a Picasa album)?

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There's a piracy site that is using (what appears to be) a Google Video CDN (Picasa album?) to host episodes of a television series that they don't have rights to.

(example here: https://www.moviesjoy.net/movie/heartland-ca-season-13-jw8j/2234268-55/watching.html )

There's a lot of obfuscation going on, but if I use the Charles proxy app, I can see that it's calling a URL like this: https://r6---sn-5uaeznkl.googlevideo.com/videoplayback?expire=1570202003&ei=c0WXXaD9H8fW1gKF8ovIDA&ip=,ei,ip,id,itag,source,requiressl,susc,app,mime,cnr,dur,lmt&sig=ALgxI2wwRgIhAJuKXh0GvwhYf_mHuxj44NmLxQpbStUZSVQEYboZ17G3AiEAzIoUWWRDidFtM7okeLWzo_D5gt2F3vi_1s5XB5G7Eu8=&cms_redirect=yes&mip=

Unfortunately, they've got parameters in there so that it expires after a certain amount of time -- so by the time Google tries to check it, they can't verify the location. I've tried removing the expiration parameter(s), but the URL still won't resolve to the stream.

Is there any way I can provide Google with a working URL structure so they can proceed with takedowns?

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