pfSense openvpn site to site vpn and remote vpn route issues?

by A. Donskoy   Last Updated October 19, 2019 20:00 PM - source

I have 2 installed firewalls.

The first has a public IP and 2 openvpn servers: site-to-site(to connect with the second one) and remote vpn for client connections.

The second one located in local network( and has client connection to site-to-site server.

On first pfSense I added rules to allow of sending data between tunnels subnets and to Also I added a custom route rule for remote vpn(to remote subnet on the second one).

After all this, I can ping any ip in on first pfSense from tunnel network for s2s, but I can't do it from tunnel subnet for remote vpn. Why doesn’t this work?

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