PECL extension in Ubuntu 11.10

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while setting up mediawiki on my local development machine, the installer told me that since i do not have PECL extension to php installed, i will have to do with slower page load speeds with traditional php page loading.

Does PECL really increase page load speeds?

How do i install it on my Ubuntu LAMP server?

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I can't answer as to why PECL will affect your page load times. But regarding the installation of PECL to your PHP installation Google is your friend.

I found this link How to install a PHP PECL extension/module on Ubuntu

May 05, 2012 20:48 PM

Was the message you saw something like this?

"Warning: The intl PECL extension is not available to handle Unicode normalization, falling back to slow pure-PHP implementation. If you run a high-traffic site, you should read a little on Unicode normalization."

What it's telling you is that you should install the intl extension from PECL; otherwise MediaWiki will have to use its own Unicode normalization code, which is slow.

On Ubuntu, this extension is available as the php5-intl package.

Ilmari Karonen
Ilmari Karonen
May 06, 2012 22:05 PM

 sudo apt-get install php5-intl

for install on PHP 7.2 & Ubuntu 18.04 run this command:

sudo apt install php-intl
Tac Tacelosky
Tac Tacelosky
October 01, 2012 11:17 AM

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