Parameters to limit memory Cplex

by Frieda12   Last Updated October 09, 2019 14:26 PM - source

My MIP Model in OPL CPLEX V12.9 is working with small Data. But with a bigger Data base import from excel I get after a running of 1hour an error.

Error 1001: Out of memory.

I already know that I can change some Parameters at the .ops I already try to set the Parameter: CPX_PARAM_WORKMEM = 1920.0 (default 2048.0) CPX_PARAM_NODEFILEIND = 3 (default Node file in memory and compressed)

and after an Error 1422: Can not open file %s for writing I changed the Parameter: CPX_PARAM_WORKDIR to the C:\Users..\opl

But my main worrys is about the memory I am using a surface 4 pro with 4GB RAM and 1867MHz and i5-6300U CPU. While the Model is running my CPU goes to 99-100%.

Which Parameters can I also change to solve the memory problem and to which value should I change these Parameters?

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