Page numbering adjustment in article

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Question: Here i am working with an article (in which i am not using \titlepage and \tableofcontents). My question is i wish to give page number from second page (after title page) by Page 1 of 10.


\usepackage[left=2.00cm, right=2.00cm, top=2.00cm, bottom=2.00cm]{geometry}
\cfoot{\textbf{Page} \textbf{\thepage} \hspace{1pt} \textbf{of} \textbf{\pageref{LastPage}}}
    \textbf{A research proposal}

    \LARGE{\textbf{Tittle of the topic}}

    \textbf{Submitted to}

    \textbf{XYZ University }


\textbf{For the Program of }

\textbf{Doctor of Philosophy in XYZ}


    \textbf{Prepared by:}



    \textbf{Department of XYZ}

    \textbf{Name of college} 

    \textbf{XYZ University} 
\textbf{Table of Content}

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