Page 1 keep active and don't have link. JPagination

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I have create a pagination and the pages seems to work well when I edit in the url, but page 1 cannot be clicked and still active eventhough I changed to 2nd page and 3rd page.

$db    = JFactory::getDbo();

$query = "SELECT COUNT(*) FROM `#__bidding_items` WHERE `state` = '1'";

$total = $db->loadResult();




$pagination = new JPagination($total, $limitstart, $limit);

echo $pagination->getPagesLinks(); 

Answers 1

You need to set $limitstart argument to the current start item. You can get the value from input:

$app        = JFactory::getApplication();
$limitstart = $app->input->getInt('limitstart', 0);

$pagination = new JPagination($total, $limitstart, $limit, $app);
July 11, 2019 08:42 AM

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