Override output_folder for temporary file

by guest_user   Last Updated December 06, 2018 15:23 PM - source

I'm working on a large document, where I set the output folder of the project using the line %!TEX output_folder, and it works.

Sadly, it seems it works a bit too well. I use some commands that write over auxiliary files (\immediate\openout\filename=/path/to/file and writing afterwards), and after a while I noticed that, since I changed the output folder, also these files are stashed in the output_folder.

I would prefer to have these files on a path relative to the root of my project and not in this output folder. A perfect option would be to define the aux. file something like this \immediate\openout\filename=\rootfolder/path/to/file.

Is something like that possible? How could I do it?

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