OpenStreetMap displaying/rendering optimization

by sbrbot   Last Updated October 19, 2019 10:22 AM - source

It seems that soon I could be working on one River Information System (the inland waterway navigation and management). The system should be upgraded with new functionalities and web frontend should be modernized (to be responsive). But one of biggest issues with old system is that it is very slow! The Chard display is slow. GEO charts behind are OSM (leaflet framework) on PostgeSQL with PostGIS.

This is how it does look like: enter image description here

For vessel navigation only river information is needed (and route borders on river, ENC). One can see there is a lot of information of objects on land (out of the river). Maybe that can be reduced for rendering improvement.

I need some suggestion what could be done in order to improve rendering/display speed?

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