OpenLayers getText() from style function

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I have a feature with a label set via In my unit tests, I need to grab the value of the label.

Normally I would use getStyle().getText().getText(). However, in the example below I am using a style function, so calling getStyle() on my iconFeature returns a function and gives the error:

iconFeature.getStyle(...).getText is not a function

var iconFeature = new Feature({
    geometry: new Point([250, 1000])

iconFeature.setStyle((f, r) => {
    return new Style({
        text: new Text({
            offsetX: 100 * (0.04 / r),
            padding: [0, 0, 0, 1000],
            text: 'Icon Label Vaue'


Any thoughts on how to get the label text of my feature's style?

In case it matters - This is an Angular app using OL 5

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